Woodbridge High School
Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is a public education service that provides practical, hands-on career preparation and career guidance. It is designed to provide students with the technical skills required for particular jobs. Every course offers a unit on employment seeking skills, which include the job application, resume, and interview preparation. Click here for the Coastline ROP Home Page.

Many of the courses offered through ROP allow students to get a head start on college. Not only do the classes cover necessary prerequisite information, but they also give students an insight into what these careers actually entail. Knowing this can help them make wiser college, major, and career choices in the years to come.
Woodbridge currently offers the following courses on campus:

Advanced Computer Graphics

AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science Principles

Auto Tech MLR

Computer Graphics

Computer Programming

Digital Media Arts/Visual Imagery

For a complete list of classes available in Irvine and the surrounding areas, go to Coastline ROP’s website at

or see Mrs. Winter in the counseling office!