On February 24, one Woodbridge’s two robotics teams, 9040 STEAMpunks Alpha, competed in the state-level LA Regionals for the FIRST Tech Challenge and won the most individual awards out of 50 teams present!


At the end of the arduous, 14-hour competition, 9040 STEAMpunks Alpha placed in the top rankings for 4 out of 8 individual awards possible, including:


1st place Promote Award, for the best prompt-based recruitment video and media presence

2nd place Compass Award, for acknowledgement of their mentors’ and faculty support

3rd place Think Award, for a proficient design, planning, and documentation of their 200-page Engineering Notebook

3rd place Connect Award, for outreach in local community, school district, and professional academia


Unfortunately, due to various hardware technicalities during Regionals, 9040 will unfortunately not be able to advance to the Super-Regionals in Spokane, WA. Instead, Woodbridge’s robotics teams have been waitlisted for the FTC World Championships at Houston, TX in April!


During the rest of the season, the teams will focus on furthering their outreach at IUSD middle schools as well as improving connections with UC Irvine and Irvine Valley College’s engineering programs. Keep an eye out for possible robotics fundraisers and events!


Initial recruitment for the 2018-2019 season will begin in late-March.


9040 STEAMpunks Alpha:

Captain: Patrick Park (12th)

Builders: Billy Chen (12th), Yujin Choi (10th), Evette Ton (10th), Connor Stewart (9th)

Programmers: Taekyoo Won (12th), Jefferson Lee (12th), Wendy Nawa (11th), Andrew Huang (10th)

Media: Rithika Akkenapally (12th), Tony Maquiling (12th), Miso Ko (11th)

Adult Mentors: Kevin Burns (WHS ‘16), Alexia White (WHS ‘17)

Teacher Advisor: Jennifer Blackie