On January 27, Woodbridge’s two robotics teams (9040 STEAMpunks Alpha, 13277 STEAMpunks Bravo) successfully competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge, winning 3rd place for the overall Inspire Award!


One of the teams, 9040 STEAMpunks Alpha, broke the previous SoCal record twice on the same day during their quarter- and semi-finals matches. They also won the 1st place Compass Award for a 1-minute video describing their adult mentor (video link), alongside the 1st place Think Award for best robot design and 2nd place Control Award for programming.


One of the two teams will be moving on to the SoCal Regionals on February 24, versing the top 48 teams in the area. If they can place within the top ten, they will move on to the West Coast Super-Regionals at Tacoma, WA in March! Please wish them the best of luck!


9040 STEAMpunks Alpha:

Captain: Patrick Park (12th)

Builders: Billy Chen (12th), Yujin Choi (10th), Evette Ton (10th), Connor Stewart (9th)

Programmers: Taekyoo Won (12th), Jefferson Lee (12th), Wendy Nawa (11th), Andrew Huang (10th)

Media: Rithika Akkenapally (12th), Miso Ko (11th)

Adult Mentors: Kevin Burns (WHS ‘16), Alexia White (WHS ‘17)

Teacher Advisor: Jennifer Blackie


13277 STEAMpunks Bravo:

Captain: Trisha Nguyen (12th)

Builders: Nina Huang (12th), Kayley Cho (11th), Timothy Nguyen (9th), Kyle Verhagen (9th)

Programmers: Cher Ma (12th), Jason Sheu (12th), Evelyn Wu (11th), Brendan Khoury (10th)

Media: Tony Maquiling (12th)

Adult Mentor: Jerry Zhang

Teacher Advisor: Jennifer Blackie


Alpha Team Picture

Bravo Team Picture