Joining Woodbridge High School ASB

Student Leadership

(Freshman Class President and Freshman Class Vice-President)

and Freshman Class Council:

New Process for 2018-2019


Previously, Woodbridge ASB waited until September to begin the process of adding its two freshman officers.  This year, we are going to hold interviews in the spring to appoint our Freshman Class President and our Freshman Class Vice-President, who will serve on both our 29-student ASB and on the Freshman Class Council.  Through this interview process, we will also be appointing up to eight additional members of the Freshman Class Council.  In Fall 2018, more students will interview to be members of the Freshman Class Council (10 more will be added for a total of 20 on Freshman Class Council).


By March 1st, Spring 2018 application materials will be available at this link:  Here you will find the application as well as information about teacher recommendations and interviews.  You will be able to let us know on your application whether you are interested in being Freshman President/Vice-President or a Class Council Member, or if you’re interested in both options.


The Spring 2018 Interviews will be held at Woodbridge High School the week of April 23rd in the afternoon.


What is ASB?

The Freshman Class President and Freshman Class Vice-President will become members of Woodbridge ASB, or Associated Student Body.  The Woodbridge ASB students (29 in total, ranging from 9th-12th grade) plan events to unify the school (such as Homecoming, pep rallies, dances), promote spirit across the campus (athletics, arts, academics), spread awareness of important issues (community service efforts, student wellbeing), and gain leadership experience while doing all of these things.  ASB is a huge commitment that involves many hours after school and on weekends.  Since ASB members also have to be enrolled in the Leadership class, becoming Freshman Class President or Vice-President would also take up one of your class periods in your schedule.  You can read the ASB Job Descriptions on our website for more information.


What is Class Council?

It’s a great way to immediately get involved at Woodbridge! Each class has a class council of 20 students and a teacher advisor, who represent their class.  They are led by the Class President and the Class Vice-President.  There are 18 Class Council members in addition to the two officers. Class council activities depend on each grade and include (but aren’t limited to) fundraising, planning homecoming skits, planning prom, decorating pep rallies, dancing in the spring pep rally, and organizing grade t-shirt sales.  Class council involves lunchtime meetings and after school commitments, not a class period, so it’s a good way to get involved if you’re not ready yet to commit fully to ASB.